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Today’s blog post is rather personal and I know and trust that many of our clients can relate to this.

When I book travel itineraries for clients, they might subtly sneak in the fact that they are traveling with their partner to Africa and South Africa. I always wondered why this was ingeniously snuck into conversation with my clients; almost like they wouldn’t want us to know. Or possibly even their hotel to know.

I love to travel and as many other, I assume I’ve also been confronted with the question/anxiety/fear of being gay and my next travel destination. Would I fit in? Would it be awkward if myself and my partner check into our hotel together?

No! Why? Because every aspect of what makes me unique also contributes to how, where, and why I travel. I travel because I love to travel, and I just happen to be gay. Same for any of my clients. I understand that with some individuals that this is a lot more discreet, but I live in a society where I am free to hold my partner’s hand and confidently walk down the street being able to do so.

I know, understand and appreciate that there are still hundreds of places around the world where being gay isn’t safe, nor is it comfortable — for locals and tourists alike. But that doesn’t mean traveling as an LGBT individual is dangerous. It’s frequently just a matter of having to know where and when one can disclose one’s sexuality through words or actions, this is something straight people or opposite-sex couples almost never have to think about.

Rest assured – South Africa’s constitution is one of the few in the world that explicitly prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Gay sexual relationships are legal and same-sex marriages are recognised. There are active gay and lesbian communities and scenes in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and to a lesser degree in Pretoria and Durban. Cape Town is the focal point, and is the most openly gay city on the continent.

Our beautiful city welcomes same sex couples with open arms, and so does ENVY Lifestyle. All our hotels, suppliers, guides and everything in between have been carefully vetted, support our rights as LGBT individuals (some are even gay themselves) and does not discriminate in any way, shape or form.

As a gay entrepreneur myself, I am very much in tune with our city, our suppliers and our clients. I would like to personally welcome you to Cape Town and South Africa and showcase my beautiful country to you. A country where your rights as an LGBTQ individual is not only protected, but celebrated.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email on – I’d love to hear from you.

With love,

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