3 Reasons: Travel To Cape Town

I often get asked “Why should we travel to Cape Town?” It’s rather simple, really… This city is simply amazing! I live in a city that is incredibly accepting of any lifestyle, any culture, any ethnicity, any job, any taste in music and tons more.

I give my clients three incredibly simple reasons to visit Cape Town – acceptance of others and their culture, the food and our incredible sunsets. So here a little more on them:

1. Acceptance Of Others & Their Culture

I’ve always believed that the world is incredibly intolerant; we’re intolerant towards others, their culture, their way of life, their opinions, their values and their traditions. But, every time I’ve traveled I’ve happily accepted differences; and each and every time it’s brought acceptance in my heart (not that I had anything negative towards anybody) but, I lived the life of a local, I abide by their rules and it was magical!

The same goes for Cape Town; a city so incredibly rich in history, so many different cultures and a city full of acceptance. It’s incredible!

2. Fooooooooood

So I’m a foodie (Kindly note, this is a self-proclaimed title), and whenever I talk to to people who have traveled the world, one of my very first questions was “What was the single weirdest dining experience?” As much as I want to see your incredible photographs and hear all about the people you’ve met along the way, I want to know about that country’s food.

I’ve found that people cook with their hearts; this means that you can taste a country or region’s heart and soul through their food. It reflects their history, their culture, their ancestors… I once read a quote that went something like “Food is the culture that you can taste” and ever since then, somebody put my feelings into words.

Cape Town’s food culture is incredible, and I seriously don’t believe that you can ever have a bad meal in Cape Town! Whether you’re one of the lucky few to score a reservation at The Test Kitchen or The Potluck Club or you’re off to the OZCF Market on a Saturday to hunt for breakfast, I’ve only had memorable meals in Cape Town.

3. Watching The Sun Set in A Distant Part Of The World

Travel is absolute happiness! There is no greater joy in watching the sun set in a different part of the world. Whether you’re visiting Paris, London, New York, Cape Town; seeing foreign people sharing the same welcome warmth of a sunset in a magical place is something money cannot buy. Pure happiness! PS – Cape Town has the best sunsets! #justsaying

Simply put, I’m incredibly grateful to live and work in a city such as Cape Town. This city is filled with memories that I’ve made, that I want to share with others and add to other’s experiences of the mother city. My memories and experiences will be worth more than a handful of diamonds!


Yours in Travel,

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